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Sionfongo Kone, IT Consultant, Entepreneur‏

Tell us about you

An entrepreneur by heart, I landed in Toronto just 3 months ago to develop my consulting business ( here and across the globe. I have been working in Information technology (IT) and precisely in Business Intelligence for nearly 10 years.

How did you hear about Manyatta Network?

I heard about this through social and community networks.

Tell us about your profession

As you can read above, I am a practical man, and I am a computer scientist at first and then an entrepreneur. To put this in caricatured way, the Business Intelligence is to develop computer tools for decision makers and business leaders. It refers to the means, tools and methods to collect, consolidate, model and output the data, material or immaterial, a company in order to provide a decision support and enable a decision maker to have an overview of the processed activity.

What is your vision of the future? (This question is worth 100 million dollars)

Unpretentiously, I try to unite the maximum of specialists together so that we could prosper some common ideas that can benefit everyone in near future.

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Later Event: October 28
Julia Katsivo