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Kelly Johnson, Registered Veterinary Technician

Title / Name
Kelly Johnson, B.Sc, R.V.T. – VTLS
Registered Veterinary Technician; working in the fields of Anesthesia, and Emergency Medicine Volunteer Committee Member since 2010, The Olive Branch For Children

Give us a description fo the organization?
The Olive Branch for Children began as an organization helping orphans in Tanzania, Africa who suffer from HIV or AIDS, and those whose parents have died or suffer from these diseases.

In 2005, Deborah McCracken made the life altering decision to stay on in Mbeya, Tanzania after a volunteer expedition. Her time now is spent managing and introducing many successful programs to the Mbeya rural communities. Deborah also acts as the head of the Zion Home where she and her husband live with 30 orphaned children. The Peace Home is the second home for vulnerable children that houses 15 children, and is run by their Home Base Care Coordinator Edina Chungu. Today, the organization continues to support those children, and has begun other development projects including: financing and opening a permanent medical clinic in 2008;

Montessori Outreach Program 2009, which helps build schools and bring early childhood education to rural communities; Home Based Care Program 2010, bringing health education, HIV testing days, and medicine; Micro-Finance Projects 2011, which introduces loans and Community Cooperative Banks; and the Songa Mbele Program 2011, giving loans to vulnerable women who can then invest in small businesses.

Why did you decide to partner with Manyatta Cares?
Our organization was chose by Manyatta to be one of the three charities to be given a monetary donation.

What do you expect the attendees to take away?
The most amazing response to one of our survey questions – “What does the Home Base Care Team bring to you?” was HOPE. The work that The Olive Branch for Children (TOBFC) and other development organizations are doing out there is giving the people a voice, and hope for a brighter future. Positive changes can be seen each day as these programs reach into rural communities to help empower those most vulnerable.

What would say to someone who has not yet purchased their Manyatta Cares ticket?
Come to the gala and see Development work in action, and help be a part of it and get a very special “Thank you”, as one of the chosen charities for this event.

What are the driving principles behind your organization?
The Olive Branch for Children has set out to “empower the most vulnerable” through projects centered on Community Outreach to the most rural parts of Mbeya. Places where education and health matters are put off to the side while people struggle to survive everyday life.

As part of your organization what has been your biggest accomplishment?

  • Montessori Outreach – building schools, and bringing early childhood education into rural communities
  • Home Base Care – bringing health education, medicine, providing HIV testing days
  • Vulnerable Children Outreach – providing nourishment, education, and a safe, loving home for children to grow to their full potential
  • Micro-Finance Programs – implementing Community Cooperative Banks, andfinancial education
  • Songa Mbele Program – loans given to vulnerable women who may then invest in small businesses

How to connect with The Olive Branch for Children?