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Nadine Peazer, Project Management Professional

Project Management Professional

Tell us a bit about you.
As an exploratory and creative Project Management Professional, I have over 14 years of experience working with youth, artists and social entrepreneurs.  Specializing in the design, implementation and execution of projects with a social agenda, I believe in nurturing the well being of the communities we serve, whether that is in a non-profit, public or private sector role.

My work has taken me to countries across Africa, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and North America, and has been highlighted through media outlets such as the Toronto Star, City T.V, Share News, Guava T.V, and the Caribbean Camera.

Through my most recent adventure as CEO for The Funding Network Business Solutions, I help facilitate the growth of tourism and business development in international communities by promoting the creation of innovative ventures, programming, and projects.

– Social Entrepreneurship design and analysis
– Project Coordination and Evaluation
– Grant research and proposal preparation
– Resource Development
– Workshop Development and Facilitation.

What has been your greatest challenge to date and how did you overcome it?
I was a professional that stepped into entrepreneurship from a young age with limited practical experience in business leadership.  Although I hit the ground running with my initial business idea nine years ago, I’ll admit I was a bit aloof to all that came with growing and sustaining a viable business when I first started.  As time passed, needs such as keeping up with the market, planning ahead and developing the right operational systems to keep up with the growing changes within my industry started to present themselves as challenges as I did not have the right supports in place to help me stay on top of these requirements. Taking a necessary “time-out” from this venture to reinvent myself as a leader and constantly seeking the training & mentorship supports required to stay guided and focused on my end goals has been my saving grace through the uncertainty of business ownership.

What professional advice do you wish you were given at the start of your career?
Some advice I came across that would have come in handy in the early stages of my career is the importance of always knowing and remaining clear about your “why’s” for pursuing the professional goals one sets out to accomplish.  Paying attention to understanding the purpose, cause, and underlying beliefs that inspires me to do what I do in businesswas what brought me back to the table for the re-launch and new vision I was able to identify for my business after it hit a rough patch in its activity . My personal “why”: becoming a catalyst to birthing the most beautifully crafted and socially innovative business & project activities for the communities I have been placed on this earth to serve.

Why would you recommend the PMP designation to others interested in project management?
With respect to employment and consulting prospects, The Anderson Economic Group is predicting that 1.2 million project management positions will need to be filled yearly until 2016. Planning ahead for this demand and placing yourself in a strong position for the future by obtaining the designation which also shines on a resume and helps to yield a higher salary than those that don’t possess it in my opinion is wise. I also believe that the education I am receiving to obtain the designation has shifted my paradigm around the scope of planning projects immensely helping to make me more competitive amongst my counterparts.

What does Manyatta mean to you?
For me, Manyatta represents “commitment” and “perseverance”. “Commitment” came to me when learning about all that Manyatta does to stay dedicated to its chosen community of professionals; helping its leaders to form meaningful bonds and connections to one another by aiding them to recognize one another through its on-going events. “Perseverance” also came to mind when remembering the humble beginnings of Manyatta’s first meetups at the old Manyatta restaurant on Avenue Road. Now almost ten years later, seeing what the network and events have grown into today is a testament to what magnificent things can manifest when leaders and teams stay focused on their vision.

How to connect with Nadine?

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