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Jemila Jackson, Counsellor, Facilitator, Consultant

Counsellor, Facilitator, Consultant

Tell us a bit about you.
I’m a Social Worker by day, holding a Masters in Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto in Psychology. Everything that I invest my time in has to do with hope, change and transformation. From my counselling practice – Freedom Counselling & Psychotherapy Services in Pickering Ontario; to raising money for Sickle Cell Disease through the Ujima Sickle Cell Patient Emergency Fund.
I also do consultant work with Psychological companies as well as community organizations. By night, I love to write- I feature inspirational people and stories on my blog

What is the biggest challenges your clients face? How do you help them address it?
As a Social Worker and Counsellor, my clients face a variety of different concerns. One of the main concerns is anxiety. Anxiety often presents itself in many forms, including: generalized fear, fear of driving, fear of public speaking,fear of success,fear of anything you could be scared of really. Many times these fears have root to an experience of trauma. There are many ways to address the anxiety; usually I would begin with exploring the triggers of the anxiety symptoms and then proceed to explore with the client the signs.
Throughout this process, any trauma experiences often surface, then depending on the client and their experience of the anxiety I would usually continue with a form of therapy (usually CBT, Solution focused or an eclectic approach).

What is one of your biggest accomplishments professionally or personally?
My biggest accomplishment thus far has been the ability to realize that I am enough and to purse my dreams relentlessly and with fervour.

You know the meaning of the meaning of the word “Manyatta” but what does being part of this group mean to you?
Manyatta – “a Maasai word for settlement or compound, often temporary, established by a family or clan, or as an encampment of young warriors.” Personally, I resonate with being a part of an encampment of young warriors. I believe that we are all fighting for something and that if we join forces- we will all be successful.

How to contact you online?
LinkedIn: click here
Twitter: @JemilaJackson