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Javon Findlator, Banker, Entrepreneur and Community Leader

Banker, Entrepreneur and Community Leader

Tell us a bit about you.
Javon is currently a Product Manager in the Aeroplan Credit Card Group at TD Bank. Javon began his career with TD Canada Trust, six years ago as a part-time Teller and after gaining exposure to financial services, he made a personal commitment to advance within the organization and serve as a role model for those around him. Javon has worked in a variety of roles in the bank including, Financial Advisor, Project Analyst (Project Management), Management Associate and Manager, Social Media.In addition to his full time pursuits at the bank, Javon has an entrepreneurial spirit and launched his own company, The Daring Collective (  in November 2014. The Daring Collective is a clothing company that specializes in men’s accessories for the modern day gentleman providing a robust collection of lapel flowers, pocket squares, ties and more.

Javon is also very active within the Black community and passionate about empowering those along the way. He currently serves as the President of CAUFP, Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals (, Formerly UFSC Toronto. CAUFP aims to be the preeminent centre of excellence in the Canadian Financial Services industry that supports educational advancement; promotes leaders from within the community and facilitates economic empowerment for black professionals and the minority community at large.

How did you decide that working in Financial Services was the best career choice for you?
Ironically, growing up I wanted to be an Architect or an Urban Planner. I stumbled into Financial Services after a brief stint of unemployment, when I was hired by TD Bank as a Customer Service Representative (Teller) six years ago. Once I gained exposure to the industry, I realized many of my personality traits (performance driven, entrepreneurial spirit, natural interest) were better suited for the business environment and I haven’t looked back since. Financial Services also provides a broad spectrum of opportunities for advancement, and I have blessed to have worked in many different areas of the bank, varying from sales and investment products, to marketing and brand management.

What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?
If you run with turkeys, you’ll never fly with eagles.

What is it like to be the President of CAUFP?
Taking on the responsibility of President was very overwhelming, and I will openly admit a responsibility I wasn’t initially interested in pursuing. In addition to my full time job and running a small business, I didn’t think I would have the capacity to lead the organization. After confiding in those closest to me, I realized an opportunity like this only comes around every so often and I would likely regret not taking advantage of this opportunity in the future.

Now that I am President, I am confident I made the right decision. I have always been committed to making an impact within the community, but I now have the ability to provide opportunities for our members to develop both personally and professionally and inspire those around me to achieve excellence. There’s no better satisfaction than knowing you are truly making a difference in other people’s lives.

In addition to the satisfaction of giving back and helping others, there are also many benefits to be received by being President. My professional network has grown substantially, and I have been fortunate to interact with some of the top leaders in this Country. There are days when I’m extremely tired and think I have too many things on my plate, but I’ve also learned you won’t know what you’re truly capable of achieving until you push yourself to the next level.

What does “Manyatta” mean to you?
A comfortable place for like-minded people to connect, and work together to build for the future.

How to connect with Javon?
Twitter: @JFindlator@CAUFP@DaringCo

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