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Olaide Durodola, Photographer


Tell us a bit about you.
I am an old school photographer, meaning I shoot with my heart. As an immigrant in Canada I realize that very few of the Canadian photographers, understand the dynamics of the African culture, thus I began the full journey to capture and memorize our culture in images . Creating memories that are timeless and yet reflect your story as seen through my lens, but captured in my heart.  Oh yes, I shoot from my heart rather than just using all the photography techniques, I am always looking for that sometimes tiny living and loving moment which no one sees. The smile and tears of joy that I see in people during their special moments permit me to realize that love is a universal language. I look forward to photographing and creating images for your family and your special day.

What is one of your biggest accomplishments so far?
Being in the hospital and capturing the birth of my daughter is the singular achievement for me.

What are your favorite moments to capture? 
I always want to see the first dance between father and daughter, that moment, that silent smile they share with each other on the dance floor, the unspoken love language. I almost see the shape of the world as a heart.

How was your last experience at our networking sessions? 
My first Manyatta experience was great. I was able to connect with some individuals and so far I look forward to the next one.

How to contact you online?
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