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Bryan Birch - Chef at Windup Restaurant

Name: Bryan Birch
Title: Chef
Company: Windup Restaurant

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.

I’ve been working as a chef internationally for the past 14 years in Bermuda, NYC, Montreal and Toronto. I was born in Trinidad, and raised in Toronto and developed a passion for food from my family and out of appreciation for the rich diversity that the Caribbean holds.  Windup Restaurant is an expression of the rich food culture that the Caribbean offers, particularly as it has matured in Toronto over the past century.

Do you have a piece of advice for aspiring young men and women who wish to be successful in your field?

Aspiring people, first off run.  If that advice didn’t scare you off, then the main advice I give is not to be afraid of the work and the process.  It can be long and arduous, but ultimately it is rewarding, and always gives you a skill set that you can rely on, build upon and diversify.  Listen, learn (internalize it, don’t just say you have learned a lesson), and improve your memory.  It’s okay to make mistakes, but learn from them.  Be bold (and humble), be inspired and eventually, you will be able to fulfill your dreams in this career.

What does Manyatta Network mean to you?

Being a part of the Manyatta Network is vital to me not only as a business owner, but also as a person who wants the wide range of “blackness” to be expressed and be able to excel here in Toronto. I love the idea of reaching out to the African-Caribbean community and helping it to grow strong, and continuing to develop a diverse range of experiences and stories that we can use to fortify ourselves and our next generation.