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Vanessa Sindayihebura, Compliance Analyst, Business Immigration

Compliance Analyst, Business Immigration, Pace Law Firm

Tell us a bit about your work as a Compliance Officer, Immigration
I work within the Immigration Group of Pace Law Firm and my occupation consist of analyzing cases of high-net-worth individuals who desire to immigrate to Canada through the diverse Immigrant Investor Programs. I work with them from the early stages of gathering all of the necessary supporting documentation and proof pertaining to their assets, to analyzing and comparing the information provided against government rules and qualifying criteria, to meeting them wherever the final interview takes place.

Do you have a piece of advice for aspiring young men and women who wish to be successful in your field?Care for the people and always do more than your job description dictates. Establishing trust early is crucial for a successful process. I have found that genuinely showing concern for their wellbeing and future always opens lines of communication and allows me to do my work in a more efficient manner, which in turns reaps better results. When working with people, regardless of their status, it is never “just” a business transaction. Everyone has a story and you must try to figure out what your client’s is.

Can you tell us whether and how your background has been an asset in your career?I have worked in many different industries and I have tried my hands at many things in my personal life and the one constant that I believe has helped me throughout has been my ability to adapt and absorb new information. Having been exposed to different cultures and concepts from a young age allows me today to learn quickly. It is never easy to take on a new challenges but my background has given me the confidence to no limit myself and know that although I may not know how to do something, I can always learn it. We, young men and women with international backgrounds, have an important edge in this era of globalization and ever-changing environments. We must take advantage of our natural aptitudes.

How to reach you ? 
LinkedIn: Vanessa Sindayihebura

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