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Yvonne Ben, Founder of KScope

Tell us a bit about KScope

The Kscope is one-stop shop for those with an appetite for news on the latest African fashion trends, food destinations, entertainment and entrepreneurs shaping the landmark of our community. Kscope provides not only a platform for creative business owners to promote their products and services but also discounted deals and captivating information to our audience. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Nine out of ten times you see me out in a gathering, I am wearing a piece of African print.  I rock African fashion. 
I am a native of Akwa Ibom state.
I believe that every situation I go through has an underlying lesson so I make sure every interaction is worthwhile.

What motivated you in starting The Kscope?

It started out with my love for African Fashion and after that, the vision had changed. I wanted to highlight innovative businesses, creatives, events etc shedding a positive light on the Africa in North America.

What is the vision for your business in the next 5 years?

Added to our ongoing membership and app, I foresee a lounge and store that will feature different chefs, creatives and designers within the diaspora. It will also give room for employment of students in the media, fashion, food and creativity background to gain experience. The aim is to connect, share and grow but on a larger scale.

What is your networking philosophy?

Network within your peers, there’s so much hidden potential in a room full of professionals. You might find someone who needs your expertise and someone who has what it is you are looking for.  Collaboration is the key to growth.

Can you share an example with us of how you have made a difference with a client within the diaspora?

One of our first clients, African Fashion Week Toronto, an annual Fashion week showcasing local and international African Fashion designers. Every year at summer time, we are your number one spot for everything AFWT.  We give designers and fashion lovers an avenue for all the information you’ll need and access to discounted tickets. We have been able to build a strong name for ourselves in the industry through this partnership.

How can we reach you online?