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Aris Omog, Founder, Chilling with the Diaspora

What motivated you to start "Chilling with the Diaspora"?

A few years ago I got offered a great position with one of the largest African brands to move to Cameroon. A move that was supposed to be permanent got cut short after I decided to return back to Toronto (Interesting story there). When I returned, a lot of people reached out for questions and advices as they were debating moving back to Africa (various countries). Then, I realized that lots of Africans in the diaspora are somewhat happy with their lives abroad however they are looking for more happiness and/or success in their personal and/or professional life. So I decided to help myself and others in that journey. I needed a medium that was easy to use on the go (while driving, in transit, cooking, working, etc), pretty much anywhere, with automatic notification (no need to always look for it), so I went for a podcast. Subscribe for free here: iOs or Android device

You meet someone who knows nothing about your business; how do you introduce it in a nutshell?

It's a free podcast that is dedicated to transforming your African experience in the diaspora into a success story. This is accomplished through interviewing the most successful and inspiring Africans who live outside of Africa to find out how they made it. Each episode contains at least one actionable tip for you to apply on your road to Success and Happiness as an African in the Diaspora. I have a free material available if you go to:

What is your vision for Chilling with the Diaspora in the next 5 years?

The number one resource for Africans living outside of Africa who wants to increase their success and happiness in an actionable manner.

Tell us about your first experience at a Manyatta Event.

A few years ago a friend took me an "African networking event". When I got there, I liked the quality of the venue, the quality of the people and conversations, and I continued going ever since and I would bring along like-minded Africans every time I can.

What is your networking philosophy?

Give before asking: Talk to people to understand how you can help them and be valuable to them. May it be a referral, sharing experiences, providing feedback etc. Then maybe later, you can ask for help if you need to.


I encourage you to send me the names successful or inspiring Africans living in the diaspora (anywhere in the world) who you would like me to interview:

Free podcast subscription: iOs or Android device