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Imanzi Kayitare, Co-Founder/President – Canadian Association of Rwandan Youth Toronto(CARY)

Co-Founder/President – Canadian Association of Rwandan Youth Toronto(CARY)

Tell us a bit about you. Anything
My name is Imanzi Kayitare and I’m Rwandan/Canadian; born and raised in Toronto, with a deep connection and appreciation for my two homelands. Professionally, I work as an Economic Advisor for the Government of Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada); while socially I’m involved in local and regional community building initiatives that advance the socio-economic potential and advancement of Rwandan/East African diaspora youth in Toronto.

What is the vision behind CARY’s youth mentorship workshop? How can we as a community get involved?
The vision behind CARY’s youth mentorship workshop is to inspire and empower students and early professionals to successful professionals in the East African community in Toronto through the platform of knowledge sharing and the promotion of mentorship within the community. The purpose of the workshop is to create and stimulate personal and professional growth by organizing a presentation forum with professionals from various fields such as education, business, arts and engineering/science to share their education/career experience and advice to the youth. We hope to encourage the youth to think big and know that there is successful role models within the community connect with.

As a community it would be great for CARY to partner and collaborate with Manyatta network, as there is extensive knowledge and skills among the members to be shared. It would be great to connect with Manyatta members to organize future series of workshop initiatives on specific topics of interest within the diaspora African community.

What is your vision for the African Diaspora in Toronto?
Well the African Diaspora in Toronto is unique, vibrant and passionate. There is lots of potential here for the African diaspora to tap into, whether through social and professional networks. My vision for the African Diaspora in Toronto is to be united and connected on a shared vision on making a difference in our adopted country of Canada and to establish strong links that will benefit for future generations to come.

Will you be attending Manyatta Cares? If yes, Why?
I’m looking forward to attending the Manyatta Cares event and being apart of this great initiative. I believe this type of event that brings the African Diaspora community in Toronto together to showcase the notable achievements and promote social impact causes in the community is amazing. I’m definitely excited to join the cause of Manyatta Cares and wish to see this vision expand bigger and reaching new levels of growth through this inaugural event.