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Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta, Change Management and High Performance Consultant, Coach & Speaker

Change Management and High Performance Consultant, Coach & Speaker

Why is networking important to you ?
It allows one to expand their thinking, create a circle of influence, and uncover career and business opportunities. That said, your objective when networking should not focus on what you can get, but be focused on what relationships you can build and you can give. The greatest opportunities that have come my way, have come unexpectedly and from the least expected people. When you network solely for what you can get, this can often be read a mile off, and you end up losing opportunities. The best advice I ever got about networking was that if you only form one strong connection and exchange one business card at an event, it has the potential to be more worthwhile than exchanging 20 business cards.

What is the best career advice you have received ? 
The best advice I ever received came in the form of a personal experience. I got laid off on my first job out of university as a result of mass redundancy and that taught me to take control of my career. Not HR, not my manager, not the company I work for, but me taking control of my career, my development, where I want to go, as well as putting strong trust and reliance in God and myself.

How do you stay on top of your game?
I keep abreast by social media, subscriptions to respected sources of information, and networking. Most importantly, I ask questions. You learn from being inquisitive and being willing to explore new terrains. I often pause to reflect on past experiences, what is currently happening, and where Iā€™m headed to ensure alignment in all areas of my life.

How to reach you ?
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