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Abdoulaye Diop, Translator, Localization and Globalization Consultant

Translator, Localization and Globalization Consultant

Why is networking important to you ?
No human being can live and thrive without others. Therefore, I see networking as something natural and very enriching, from personal and business perspectives. Networking enables me to meet, interact, learn about and share ideas with people from very diverse geographic, cultural, social, educational, professional and religious backgrounds.

What is the best career advice you have received ?
Follow your passion, be open, keep learning and never rest on your laurels.

How has your African heritage been a strength in your workplace/business ?
I am a product of African culture, combined with Muslim and Western education. Being born, raised and completed the greatest part of my education in Senegal, West Africa enhanced my cultural identity. It also taught me resilience, hard work, patience and overcoming very tough challenges.

I lived in Africa, Europe and North America and traveled extensively around the world. My African background is the cement that shapes my global perspective. It helped me grow both personally and professionally since I managed to set myself apart and bring a unique perspective and enrich my career.

How to reach you ? 
Your website: Baol Global Services
LinkedIn: click here