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Sume Ndumbe-Eyoh, Creative Director

Creative Director, Eloli

Tell us a bit about Eloli? What does Eloli mean? What is the philosophy that drives your business?
I am 1/3 of Eloli, a fashion brand that I run with my sisters Dibo and Fese. Eloli means it is beautiful. When my sisters and I decided to start Eloli last year we wanted a name that represented how we would like our girl or guy to feel in an Eloli piece – beautiful and special.
Eloli is about a vibrant modernity that draws heavily from markers of everyday African life. As designers the most important thing is creating pieces which are authentic to our point of view and which ultimately add a little beauty and smile to those who wear our pieces. We are also committed to growing our business in an accountable and ethical way.

You know the meaning of the word “Manyatta”( What does this group mean to you?
Manyatta to me is about community. Over the last few months I have met many incredible people and reconnected with others. It is a space to explore ideas and meet great people.

Can you tell us whether and how your background has been an asset in your career?
I have a professional and educational background in public health. In all my previous work I have spent time with networks, people from different disciplines and with different interests. This has been invaluable in terms of being able to navigate a variety of spaces. They have taught me the art and science of wearing multiple hats. Project management has also been a major part of my roles. These are skills and experiences which have been very useful in the fashion world.

Tell us about your favorite spot in Toronto? Where do you get inspired?
I tend not to have favorites and I spend a lot of time discovering new spots. I am a city girl at heart and love that I can have remarkably different experiences in Toronto even within the space of a day. I find inspiration in everyday life and I am drawn to bold colors so wherever I find that is a win.

Tell us about your definition of leadership?
In my work at the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health I have been working on a project on leadership. For me leadership is about using your influence wherever you find yourself to motivate and move others towards a desired end. I think of leadership as something that we can all develop and which is incredibly important especially for progressive social change.

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