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Josephine Mensah, Career Coach | LinkedIn Consultant | Speaker

Josephine Mensah (Career Coach | LinkedIn Consultant | Speaker)

Oneness Career Coaching Inc. provides guidance to professionals and entrepreneurs seeking career transitions based on their values, skills and experience from entry-level to senior roles. Individual services include one-to-one career coaching, resume development and social media branding using LinkedIn as well as online webinar courses and digital products.

Also group services are available through public speaking and workshops with institutions and organizations discussing topics such as job search strategies, self-marketing, workplace culture and more. Professionals are able to improve their personal branding, skill development to find great career fulfillment!

“When others see your PASSION they come out to help and support you”

Tell us a couple of things the network should know about you personally.

I moved here to Ottawa in the Fall of 2016 from Saskatoon, SK for an HR learning and training position at a small firm in town.

My favorite book series, which I am reading now is the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and I enjoy other anthologies which provide messages of motivation, inspiration, resilience.

What motivated you in starting Oneness Career Coaching Inc.?

Having about 7 years of experience in the career and HR industry, I have worked with many clients and aspiring entrepreneurs that have had blocks to finding the right career match for their skills and expertise. Many, qualified professionals have mentioned being affected by economic changes, diverse generations in the workplace and also being overlooked by Canadian employers due to having international credentials.

I created Oneness Career Coaching Inc. in the Winter of 2017 to offer empowered coaching solutions for professionals one-to-one or in group settings. This is all to improve their personal branding, skill development and find “oneness” and greater career fulfillment as they successfully transition into their dream careers.  

You meet someone who knows nothing about your business, how do you introduce it in a nutshell?

I am a Career Coach assisting professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs with one-to-one professional branding solutions, resume development and LinkedIn consulting. I also host exciting workshops and webinars to stay competitive in an ever changing labour market!

How can individuals support Oneness Career Coaching Inc. initiatives?

The Manyatta Network can support my organization by utilizing my one-to-one coaching services and participating in my online webinar and group workshops. Also professionals can refer others in their personal and professional networks to my services!

Please connect with my social media channels (@onenesscareercoaching) or send an email to: to book a free consultation to discuss job search blocks, business goals and steps to career transition!





Online School:


“LinkedIn Basics for Business Owners” – This workshop is for business owners, who haven’t had the chance to use LinkedIn as a social media platform or have minimal exposure to it’s features. However by learning more about effective strategies, one’s LinkedIn profile can generate greater brand awareness and more online followers! Join Oneness Career Coaching Inc. for this presentation at Invest Ottawa  (7 Bayview Road, K1Y 2C5) on Thursday September 13th at 10am

In partnership with the Ottawa Public Library, Oneness Career Coaching Inc. come and join the following speaking engagements and participate in the “Career Reboot” initiative:

“Networking for Job-Seekers” – Having trouble creating networking connections?  In this interactive workshop you will learn techniques that can help you sell your skills, grow your employment network, access hidden jobs and more! 

Join this 90min presentation at the Orléans – Library Branch (1705 Orléans Blvd, K1C 4W2) in Bériault Room on Monday October 1st 2018 at 6:30pm


“LinkedIn: A Platform for Job Search” – Did you know you can use your LinkedIn profile page to job search? In this workshop you will learn how to craft a "career story", attract recruiters and HR staff to your page, create engaging content to enhance your online network, and more! 

Join this 90min presentation at Emerald Plaza – Library Branch (1547 Merivale Road, K2G 3J4) in the Boardroom on Monday November 5th 2018 at 6:30pm