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Nadine Peazer, Project Manager

What has been your greatest challenge to date and how did you overcome it?
I was a professional that stepped into entrepreneurship from a young age with limited practical experience in business leadership. Taking a necessary “time-out” from this venture to reinvent myself as a leader and constantly seeking the training & mentorship supports required to stay guided and focused on my end goals has been my saving grace through the uncertainty of business ownership.  

What does Manyatta mean to you?
For me, Manyatta represents “commitment” and “perseverance”. “Commitment” came to me when learning about all that Manyatta does to stay dedicated to its chosen community of professionals; helping its leaders to form meaningful bonds and connections to one another by aiding them to recognize one another through its on-going events. Perseverance also came to mind when remembering the humble beginnings of Manyatta’s first meetups at the old Manyatta restaurant on Avenue Road.