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Bernardson, Founder BDH Collective

Tell us a bit about you (your personal experience).

Bernardson has maintained strong ties with multimedia, which emboldened him to become a leader in this challenging industry. To push his limits and achieve his dream, he founded BDH Collective with the ambition of developing Montréal’s ultimate, one-stop shop agency for creative media and marketing projects. He knows to always dream big, to nurture what you love, and to never forget that in life we are always students on the path of learning. Building BDH Collective is a personal challenge, one that reminds him that there are no limits when you put your heart into what you believe in. Together with his clients, he knows that, they can carry out the creative vision they desire.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Starting my business, teaching myself to films, edit and produce content for my client.

What motivated you in starting

Change, doing better, aiming higher, challenging myself

You meet someone who knows nothing about your marketing practice, how do you introduce it in a nutshell?

Video and photo services, from planning to execution, to final editing of commercials and supporting imagery for TV promotional campaigns

Can you share an example with us of how you have made a difference with a client within the Diaspora?

Sophia Sanon is a single mother of 2 child. I films and edit a "viral videos" that was share on social media. That video generated thousand in revenue for her and gave Sophia international coverage. With that video she got feature in the Magazine Milk Street of Christopher Kimball’s (November-December 2017 edition)

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