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Tiffany Ford - Entrepreneur, Ford Global Group

Entrepreneur, Ford Global Group
Candidate, TDSB School Trustee

Tell us about your new venture: Pepeyee Communications? What is the business model/value added, who are your target customers?
Pepeyee Communications is a mobile VoIP (Voice over IP) integrated telecom service provider. We arean African and Caribbean own telecom company and understand the importance of having cost-efficient and quality long distance calling services across the diasporas. Our long distance rates are the lowest in Canada compared with many other telecom service providers. We have various options such as online, mobile applications and calling cards. We also have free calling between Pepeyee users on our mobile applications. Not failing to mention, we have a soft phone accessible on our website, which no other global VoIP service providers has. Our target audience is the African, Caribbean and Latin American Diasporas across Canada, United States and the UK.

You know the meaning of the word “Manyatta” ( but what does this group mean to you?
This group for me signifies the product of hard work, sacrifices and dedication that many young African professionals have accomplished. It doesn’t end there, with Manyatta we are able to unite and learn from each other, which is the start of creating a community embedded in a very diverse city.

What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why?
1. Ford Publicity was recognized in 2012 on a Top 100 Global PR Firm’s list.
2. Receiving the Service Award from the 2013 African Entertainment Awards.
3. Being the first Black female to own a Telecom Company in Canada.

Any type of recognition for all the hard work I’ve endured over the years is appreciated, but these three provide the most satisfaction because highlight pivotal moments in my career that I will always be proud of.

Describe a time when you led or motivated others?
Currently, I am a candidate for TDSB school trustee in the upcoming Toronto Municipal Elections. Education is the key factor for success for many Manyatta members, and it is crucial to advocate for better schools and quality education in marginalized neighborhoods populated by African families in Toronto. I’m overwhelmed with great support of many people interested in this movement for better governance, better schools and better education.

What is the best way to contact you?