Tell us a bit about you (your personal experience).

I am originally from the beautiful country, Ivory Coast in West Africa. I moved to Canada 15 years ago, spending 6 years in Montreal and the past 9 years in Toronto. The pursuit of higher education brought me to Montreal but my hunger for exciting career and business opportunities led me to Toronto. 

I have been working in the financial service and telecommunication industry for almost a decade. I have held various marketing roles with a focus on acquisition and retention marketing strategies for many products and services across Canada.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

I truly believe that time is my most valuable asset. It is limited on this earth so I spend it on activities, jobs, careers and things that bring me joy, fulfillment and peace of mind. With that being said my biggest accomplishment has been to find my calling and purpose, and thoughtfully directing my steps so that I use my time effectively. 

I am passionate about Marketing and it’s my goal to leverage it to help people generate awareness about their products, services, pursue causes they care about and realize their dreams. 

What motivated you in starting Reach Marketing?

As a marketing professional I have noticed that many small businesses, those self-employed as well as entrepreneurs experience challenges to promote their products and services effectively to their target clientele. Inspired by these challenges, I decided to start a boutique advertising and marketing agency with the intent of servicing this niche clientele. I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and thought it would be relevant to leverage that along with my marketing expertise to add value to business owners. One could have the best product or service however if people are not aware of it the business will not grow.

What is the biggest marketing challenge you have observed businesses and entrepreneurs making?

Many entrepreneurs hold preconceived notions about the meaning of marketing, they underestimate the value of marketing and sometimes do not have any marketing strategy in place for their business. 

Banks, retail, travel and telecommunications companies invest millions of advertising and marketing dollars to attract, convert and connect with potential customers. They have marketing departments filled with marketing experts who developed and execute compelling marketing strategies that drive sales and revenue. Marketing is the perfect combination of art and science and thus should be handled by people who have knowledge and expertise to deliver optimum results. I strongly encourage entrepreneurs to build a marketing plan for their business.

What is your networking philosophy?

Networking is about connecting and building professional relationships with people. Every networking event is an opportunity for me to learn something new and share ideas and knowledge with likeminded people. As the school teacher Jackie Mutcheson said “It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us”.