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Khady Ndoye, Founder of LaPolyglotte

How did you hear about Manyatta Network, how was your experience with us and what is your opinion?

 The first time I heard about Manyatta was in 2013, when I arrived in Canada. New to the country, I quickly understood that networking was « a thing » in Toronto. I went to many networking events, but none of them compared to Manyatta. I had an amazing experience. The team cared a lot about how you felt and they made sure to introduce you to people.

In just a couple of hours I ended up getting to know a bunch of professionals who share the same drive and vision that I have. 

Tell us about yourself ( Background, believes, profession, passions and drivers)

I’m the second generation of a French-Senegalese family that immigrated to France. I was born and raised in France. I have always been interested in discovering the world, not even my parents could hold me back from beginning my exploration during my university years. I believe that each of us is gifted in a certain way. Everyone on earth is here for a reason and our main mission is to figure out what that is. I have always had an inner passion to discover the world to see how people live in others cultures and countries.

Travelling and learning languages at a young age helped me to become more aware of different realities that people all over the world face: poverty, lack of education, security and women rights. Those experiences also helped me to find my drive in life when I had to deal with difficulties, fear and disappointment during my immigration journey in Canada.

Can you share some of your life experiences with us?

Immigrating to Canada may have been the best choice that I made in my life. Fortunately, my journey has been really atypical in the sense that I never imagined that I would become an entrepreneur and work for myself doing things that I enjoy. When I started my blog in June 2015, for example, I never imagined that my business would take me to Stanford university in Silicon Valley to listen Barack Obama. This event was a game changer and an eye opener for me. I can now see myself working for myself and doing the things that I love. As Usain Bolt said "The sky has no limits. Neither do I.:

Tell us a bit about LaPolyglotte (origin, concept and achievements)

LaPolyglotte is a educational platform to share information about African languages, and also to help the diaspora get back to their roots and learn the language of their forefathers.

As LaPolyglotte, I’m still travelling the world, but now to speak at conferences on topics related to African languages. Here at home in Toronto, and elsewhere, I also give workshops to help people improve language skills and learn more about other cultures through a greater understanding of the languages they speak.

What were your biggest challenges after relocating to Canada Challenges?

There are plenty of them! I might need to write a thesis to explain each point: job, integration, friends and family just to name some of them! 

« Starting from the bottom » as Drake said. I knew nobody here. I was nobody. It took time to build a new life in a different continent. One of my biggest challenge was to beat loneliness.

What are your short term goals? 

Life has lead me to entrepreneurship. My short term goal is to be able to leverage the advantages of working for myself to spend more time with my family. Skyping, WhatApping or Vibering is great but it will never replace true relationships in person. So I’m working hard towards that goal. 

What would be your advice to the young African diaspora?

We have to be strong as a community and not be divided as we use to be. Whether we are from the north, east, west or south, we all belong to the same continent: Africa ! Being united will help us voice our opinions and finally fully take part in the Canadian economy. We must work together because nobody will do it for us.

How to reach LaPolyglotte?