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Eyra Abraham - Founder/CEO of Lisnen

Eyra Abraham is a Founder/CEO of Lisnen, a Toronto-based Startup which develops technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Eyra graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She pivoted her career into marketing and communications, but her love for technology and innovation drew her back to founding her company, which has a mission to empower people to overcome challenges.


Lisnen is an AI technology company that wants to bring alerting devices into the 21st century for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community with a mobile solution to connect with the hearing world. Our mobile app listens, detects and sends vibrating and flashing alerts for fire alarms and sirens to name a few. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the hearing world and those with a hearing loss allowing the Deaf/Hard of Hearing to gain independence and security anywhere they are.

Lisnen is a mobile app that connects people with a hearing loss to the hearing world with alert notifications for critical sounds such as siren and fire alarm in any environment.

What motivated you in starting your business?

I grew up with a hearing loss since I was a child, but I had a huge wake-up call when I was an adult. My condo building decided to create a fire drill in the late evening. I had already gone to bed with my hearing aids off. It wasn’t until a few days later when I received a letter in the mail explaining the situation. I was shocked that I had no clue what was going on. When I went to look for alerting devices, I realize they are a stationary project that give limited coverage. I wanted to take the initiative to design a solution that will allow you to build an all in one solution that will allow anyone with a hearing loss to get coverage both indoors and outdoors and around the world.

How can individuals support your initiatives?

I am always looking to connect with more individuals with a hearing loss and mobile app/deep learning developers.  If you know someone with a hearing loss and they love technologies, or developers who have a passion for social goods, please do have them contact me at

What is the biggest marketing challenge you have observed businesses and entrepreneurs making?

Every business and entrepreneur’s marketing challenge is always finding more customers. It’s an important skill to know where to find your customers and how to connect with them to close the sale but most importantly, to build the right product that their customers will love.

Tell us about your first experience at a Manyatta Event

My first experience at a Manyatta Event was three years ago. I had attended the event on King Street West, and I showed up early - Like 15 minutes early to find out that I was the first person to register.  I should have known better to use the African standard time! With a glass of wine in hand and the crowd slowly building up, I was surprised how open and friendly people were. You never know when you attend an event if people come to meet friends to hang out but not at Manyatta, while some people connect with familiar faces they are always open to meet new people and learn more about you. That’s why I always come back.


Networking is to build friendships, and that’s the key to gathering a tribe to support you throughout your life.



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