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Chisom Okoye, Baker & Blogger

Where is does your passion for baking come from?

Growing up, my mum had a small neighborhood bakery behind our house. I was a pretty introverted child and while my mates were ‘having fun,’ you would probably find me at home either moulding a figurine with clay, drawing or painting. This creativity translated into baking and cake decorating and I just happened to stick with it.

How do you keep innovating? Where do you get your inspiration from?

The beauty about creativity and art is that you draw inspiration from anything beautiful. It could be a graffiti on the wall, an artwork, even a ladybug on a flower! I also draw inspiration for other cake decorators as well. Likes of Yolanda Gamp (How To Cake It), Zoe’s fancy cakes, and Katherine Sabbath. I am still growing in this field, and I have a lot to learn! But it is a journey I am looking forward to and I am excited about the future.

What was one challenge you had to overcome?

I haven’t achieved anything particularly exciting neither have I overcome any major challenge. I would say I am still facing a challenge at this moment. A challenge of growing my blog and social account in a time where there is so much competition and talent. Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time and start during the early stages of the internet. However, I haven’t lost hope and I keep pushing. It is all about being different and finding a niche. It is about giving people something to talk about. And that is what I find challenging and hopefully will overcome someday.

What is the best professional advice you have ever received?

To be consistent. It is really hard motivating one’s self to deliver when you have a very small following. We all have those voices in our head asking, ‘is it really worth it? Does anyone even care? Why even bother?’ But at the end of the day, you push and you work even harder because it is your passion and you can also see the long-term payoff. And yes, I may never grow to the level that I aspire to or I may grow even bigger than what I could have ever dreamed or imagined. However, regardless of the level of success I attain, I would never look back and regret the time, money, and effort I have invested into my work.

Who in your family, friends or professional circle inspires you the most?

My sister and best friend inspire me because they are the smartest and most giving people I know. It is no surprise they are Doctors. Medicine is a profession I have always admired but could never actually do. Probably because I am terrible at maths and sciences. My mum spurred by love for baking and cake decoration. She also instilled a virtue of hard work and integrity in us at very young age. These are attributes that have been beneficial in both my professional and personal goals.