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Christine Mugo, Study Lead Monitor

Study Lead Monitor, Bayer HealthCare

Tell us about your experience.
I work in clinical drug trials for a major global pharmaceutical company. As you all probably know, several years of intensive clinical research is conducted to get that medication you just picked up at your local pharmacy. My current duties involve leading and managing a global clinical study team in our quest to obtain the efficacy and safety information of new and current treatment options.

What advices would you give those wanting to be successful in your field?
A passion for global healthcare is what drives me in my career. I believe that access to adequate healthcare is a basic human right. It is unfortunate when patients are unable to have access to life-saving medications due to their socio-economic or geographical limitations. This is especially true in most developing countries, especially in Africa. It is however encouraging to see that some philanthropic organizations are helping to bridge this gap.

What does Manyatta mean to you?
It has been a great experience meeting and connecting with members of this group; both veterans and newcomers. The diversity of the many countries and regions represented here is wonderful to see, as is the commonality of our interest in sharing our passions and experiences. I enjoy coming to the events and seeing old friends and making new ones. If you see me around, please reach out and say hello!

How to reach you ? 
LinkedIn: Christine Mugo