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Nathalie Carrenard, Talent Acquisition Manager & Brandstorm Organizer

Your preferred name and title (What you do)
Nathalie CarrénardTalent Acquisition Manager & Brandstorm OrganizerL’Oréal

Tell us a bit about you.
was born and grew up in Haiti. My father is a Medical Doctor and my mother is a literature teacher. I spent a part of my teenage years in Togo and Guyana. I inherited from my parent’s love for books, then I chose to study literature in Paris, where I lived for 15 years. I graduated with a Masters of Literature from Université La Sorbonne in Paris; my first career as a professor of literature lasted three (3) years, then the “travel virus” prompted me to leave France for Florida for one (1) year.

A decisive meeting in a context of a professional assessment allowed me to discover the recruiting business. My second career began in France and then continued in Quebec, I have been living in Montreal for five (5) years.

Tell us about your definition of leadership? 
The ability to see talents and the generosity to let them shin.

What do you draw inspiration from in Montreal?
#TruMontreal (ttp://  & at any great restaurants with Jean-Baptiste Audrerie and Sandrine Théar.

Can you tell us whether and how your background has been an asset in your career? 
I have good adaptability skills and I am also very flexible. I am like a chameleon. Most of the time Haitians think I’m African, Africans thin I’m African and my Haitian family thinks I’m white. (Laughs!)

What is one of your biggest accomplishment so far ?
y immigration to Canada as a great adventure. I also had the opportunity to build a strong professional career as a Headhunter, Talent Attraction and Acquisition Manager.

How to contact you?
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