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Mouna Akué, Biologist, Holistic Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Founder of Naturamoun

Your preferred name and title (What you do)
Biologist, Holistic Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Founder of Naturamoun

Tell us a bit about you.
I was born in Togo in a family of seven. I was raised there until the age of 15. Because of work, my parents had to move to Senegal, so we all went there. After one year in Senegal and with my high school diploma in hand, I landed in Montreal in 2005. After my undergrad studies in Biological Sciences, I worked for few years in a pharmaceutical company, and then I realized it was not for me. I believe prevention is better than cure, and that nutrition is one of the precious keys to health, so I quit and decided to study naturopathic medicine (currently in my final year).

What is one of your biggest accomplishments so far? 
My biggest accomplishment so far is putting “Naturamoun” together. It was not easy at the beginning to talk about a healthy lifestyle to my community. We live in a crazy world now, and no one invests time to take care of his or her health. I am proud to see that I have planted some seeds in some followers and readers..

What is your favorite place to see art? 
My favorite place to see art is Nature. I can’t stop contemplating nature. It can be a beautiful sunset, a little squirrel eating, blossoming flowers, snowflakes, mountains, butterflies etc.

Can you tell us whether and how your background has been an asset in your career? 
I grew up in a family where a lot of healthy tips were giving to us without us knowing the exact mechanism of the body. The only thing we knew was that it was good for our health and well-being. For example, back in the days, my mum already taught us to drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach. She is a doctor, an ophthalmologist who also grew up in a family that always had this in mind:  “Let the food be your medicine”.

My studies in biology, in naturopathy, and my work with a natural health supplements company as a Natural Health Consultant have been great assets in my career.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given ?
Someone one day taught me to never underestimate the power of thoughts, to visualize my dreams and to put it into words. It helps me stay focused, and bring nothing but positivity to my journey.

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